Relaxing Those Who Hate Being Photographed

Sarah Reagan Hate Being Photographed

With years of experience on hand, Colby’s Photography is the go-to place for business portraits in Knoxville, TN. Every client is different, and every photography project has different challenges. Most people are camera shy, and some simply hate being photographed. Sarah Regan fit this description and was scared that we wouldn’t be able to get a natural-looking portrait because of it. Colby has been doing portraits so long that he doesn’t have to think about the camera, the lights, or anything else–he can focus solely on connecting with his customers and setting them at ease. We ended up creating some amazing portraits for her online marketing, including social media.

“I always hate being photographed. It makes me nervous, and true to my nature when I got to Colby’s office, I was a tad uptight. But he was great, very kind and understanding, and he soon put me at ease and brought the laughter out.  I think the photo he took shows it too!  I am quite pleased with the quality and the care he took in touching up the photo and asking for my input all along the way. I highly recommend Colby’s Photography!” — Sarah Reagan

It is very common for people to dislike being photographed. If the client continues to be uncomfortable, the photos can look unnatural and strained. As a result, people dislike portraits, and some even hate portraits. At Colby’s Photography, we offer more than just great images, we offer a great photographic experience. We understand this discomfort, and so using compassion, we succeeded in making her comfortable. Her beautiful, natural portraits are proof of the great experience she had.

Sarah Regan is a certified Animal Naturopath or Homeopath. She believes in a holistic approach for the wellbeing of animals and for strengthening human/animal relationships. She also serves as a life and trauma coach. When she gets in her comfort zone, her charming personality is revealed. Colby’s Photography was able to bring that charm out and create it with our camera. Take a look at her Facebook profile.

No matter how challenging your photography, Colby’s Photography will make sure that you have a great experience and get the best portraits. Learn more about our services here.