Professional Website Photos That Didn’t Exceed Our Budget

Kickstart your Knoxville marketing project with professional images that stay within budget! David Jones from City People had spent a lot of time looking for a professional photographer who could create website marketing campaign photos. After a thorough discussion, Colby’s Photos and Videos determined an accurate estimated budget, stayed within the budget, and even came in under budget. His main concern was that the project might go over the amount his board had already approved, as projects often do.

 “Colby is a pleasure to work with. He listened to exactly what we were looking for and delivered professional and quality photos on time and on budget. I will certainly be using Colby for any photography needs in the future. ” – David Jones

Clients often find it hard to find a vendor who takes the time to give an accurate estimate of cost, but this shouldn’t be difficult. City People needed photos made for their new website marketing project. Colby discussed what they envisioned, asking lots of questions based on his experience of similar projects. Sometimes the project does expand beyond what was discussed. In these cases, he doesn’t just do it and charge more. Colby’s Photos & Videos discusses what the new desires are and then reports back on a new estimated budget. The final investment should be David’s decision, not the photographer’s. Colby strives to delight clients with invoices below what they expect, not frighten them with expanded invoices. This is exactly why they get testimonials like this, repeat business, and referrals. 

When David Jones isn’t looking for the best deals, he is working with City People. City People is a fresh, non-profit organization that strives to create a better community. They work with businesses and Knoxville locals to create the best community experience for everyone. David and his colleagues recognize that a community is more valuable today than it has ever been. Anyone looking for a community that has their back will want to check out their website and Instagram for exclusive information.

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