Presenting at Professional Photographers’ Groups

I have been blessed that my professional photographer peers have repeatedly recognized me for my photographic knowledge and the quality and expertise I provide in my imagery. I have won local, state, and national awards, and I’m also often asked to share my knowledge with other professionals throughout the state and surrounding region. This past week has been a busy one!

Professional Photographer of Middle TennesseeLast Tuesday, I was asked by the Professional Photographers of Middle Tennessee (PPMT) to do a presentation on quality architectural photography. I was very happy with the turnout and the response to the presentation, and I’ve been asked to do a follow-up fieldtrip in August so the members can have hands-on experience with the material from the presentation. I’ve heard from several PPMT members since then who have called me to discuss various techniques, equipment, and other aspects of photographing building exteriors as well as interiors.

Knoxville Photographer member of PPETNTwo days after the PPMT presentation, I did a presentation on fast, high-quality photo-editing for the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN). For professional photographers, the ability to provide high-quality edits quickly means more cost-effective quotes.

I feel honored to be asked to share my knowledge and skills. I am active in the national, state, and local professional photography trade organizations and work hard to increase quality and professionalism throughout the photography industry.