Preparing for Exterior Photography

Exterior Photography Preparation

You’ve hired a skilled photographer to do your exterior photography, but you’re not done yet. Getting the highest quality imagery at the most cost-effective investment requires some additional focus. It goes without saying that the area to be photographed needs to be tidied up and looking its best but several other things are often overlooked but crucial to consider.


  • Your company may have branding standards with guidelines that all images must conform to. If your company does, forward them to us so we can help maintain them. While we will try to help, it is your responsibility to make sure that what we have in front of us conforms to your needs.
  • Tell security and GMs that we will be doing exterior photography on the day of the shoot. Also, be sure to give us any contact information for people on-site who we can call if we need help with challenges during the shoot—especially if you will not be there.
  • Make sure everyone’s desires about the photography are conveyed before the shoot instead of afterward. Requirements conveyed after the shoot may require a reshoot, which will create an additional investment.


  • Time of the day is crucial when photographing the property. We will be discussing this ahead of time. Please be mindful to consider our questions about this during the call and answer them as accurately as possible. If it does not hinder your business, try to allow the photography to be done at the appropriate time of day.
  • The weather may shift the timing or date of exterior photography. If the weather seems like it will impact the photography, we will be in contact to discuss options.

Preparation Before the Shoot

  • Make sure you control the cars in front of your building. If your business is open, have employees park in front of the building and be ready to move their vehicles soon after our arrival. Sometimes we might want them to remove all of them or just a few in particular places.
  • Adjust window shades, so they are all consistent–either all open, closed (in the same directions), or at the same height.
  • Make sure all exterior light bulbs are not burned out. This is crucial for exterior photography done during dusk or nighttime.
  • Remove anything you don’t want to be in the shot, including items like banners, signs, trashcans, hoses, and ashtrays, all of which can create a distraction from the property itself.

As mentioned above, these are the most often details that are overlooked by clients. It pays to have everything prepped ahead of time! If, for any reason, any of these things cannot be done, please contact us to discuss it. We typically can make it work without these. Still, these are the most common elements that negatively impact the quality of the images and that have to be overcome with additional editing, which requires additional investment. In other words, you’d lower quality photography for more money. So please help to avoid that as much as possible!

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