Photography Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops, Classes as well as Support

photography-instructorI’ve been blessed to be a photography instructor and mentor to so many enthusiast as well as professional photographers throughout the region. Photographers tend to be exceptional people and at the same time a bit quirky which is a wonderful combination. Photographers have ended made up a core part of my friendships. I do one-on-one tutoring to individual photographers, monthly presentations to photography clubs, in-depth workshops, as well as helping photography studios as well as company’s setup lighting for their photography. I’ve taught up to eight week long photography classes and courses on various topics at the University of Tennessee for over seven year. I’ve been recognized by the Photographers of America with the Craftsman degree for being a mentor and instructor to other professionals within the largest and oldest professional photography trade organization. I presently am on the Board of Advisor’s at the Pellissippi Community College’s photography department. If you can’t tell, I’m all in when it comes to spreading the job and love of photography.

“Colby’s enthusiasm for photography certainly infects everything he teaches. Participants are treated as equals, their vision and abilities respected. Positive reinforcement is Colby’s specialty.” — Mike C.

“Colby has a great sense of humor. He is very animated and kept things exciting at all time.” — Whitney D.

“Great enthusiasm plus in-depth knowledge plus great teaching skills equals a very useful experience.” — Ray H.


One-on-One Tutoring and Mentoring, – I love working one-on-one with photographers who want to increase their skills as quickly as possible on tailor-make instruction geared for their specific needs.  This is a great option for those who want to acquire specific skills and/or who have limited time and want to maximize the benefit for their investment in time. If you are interested in one of these options, contact me directly for more information and to schedule a session.

Free Presentations and Photo-walks– Colby often gives free introductory presentations to camera clubs & photography organizations on a variety of subjects that generally last from one to two hours.  Subjects vary across the board and are often dependent upon the needs on those who invite him such as Commanding Composition, Adobe Lightroom: Come Take a Test Drive, How to Look at and Critique Images, Photo Safari through Cades Cove, 1st Friday Art Walk & Photography Hangout, Adobe Lightroom Overview & Study Hall, Camera Color Calibration Party, Speedlights 101, Visual Marketing: Creating Powerful Visual Stories That Engage More Customers, Portrait Tips at the Speed of Light, Lightroom Workflow – pick up those paddles, Photography Competitions, Referral Marketing, Fun at the Fair Photo-walk, Portrait Demo from step-up to breakdown, Best Equipment for the Money,  Camera Calibration Hands-On Party, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Photographers, Night Photography, and others. Check my schedule to see what is already scheduled. If you are interested in me coming to your camera club or organization, contact me and we’ll talk about it. I can do one of the above or something tailored to your group’s needs. I typically only charge for my expenses when supporting camera clubs.

Workshops – I do various intensive workshops that compress a lot of information into generally a one, two or sometimes even three-day workshops. This is a great option for those wanting to learn a lot of information quickly and is typically done over the weekends. This allows you to increase you skillset quickly while still fitting in most people’s busy schedules. Sometimes companies ask me to do these specifically for their tailored needs which is always an option. I have already taught and have a curriculum for Beginners’ Photography All-Day Workshop, Speedlight Weekend Bootcamp Workshop, Lightroom Immersive Weekend Workshop, “Playing with Food” Food Photography Workshop, Photography Business Workshop,  Portrait Retouching Workshop, Conceptual Portrait Workflow from Start to Finish, Portrait Photography – Posing & Subject Interaction Weekend Intensive, Lightroom – Developing Your Creative Eye Workshop, Architectural Photography Workshop  and others. Check my schedule to see what is already scheduled. If you are interested in others, contact me and we’ll talk about it.

Company, Studio, and Professional Photographer Support – I am often hired by various businesses to assist them in education around photography. Companies who photograph in-house often need help educating their photographers to work more effectively. I have been asked by studios to help setup and train them on their lighting. Professional photographers often need assistance with various topics ranging from technique, sales, marketing and much. Lastly, all of these often need assistance with their editing and workflow. This is done on-location or by remotely connecting. Contact me if you need help in any of these areas.

Assisting I periodically have opportunities for assistants. These are great opportunities to watch and learn how a professional photographer works. There are many restrictions and timing is important. While I do not typically charge for this, unproven assistants are not paid as well. Your assistance is in exchange for education. If you are interested, contact me.