Knoxville Staff Portraits and Group Shots

The Knoxville staff portrait photographers at Colby’s Photography provide streamlined and professional business portraits that capture your company’s personality. The results are high-quality and ready for use in your personalized web presence, printed advertisements—from business cards to billboards—or an endless variety of other applications.

Colby’s Photography provides on-location services with a fully mobile studio, minimizing the disruption to your group’s productivity. Colby and his team offer flexible hours to meet your group’s needs, minimizing scheduling conflicts and keeping everyone working. Their streamlined workflow assures that they can be in and out with as little impact on your company as possible while providing the highest quality final corporate portraits.

Your final portraits will have a consistent look, no matter which staff photographer is on the job. Every photographer on Colby’s team is a trained expert in creating lighting setups that can be reproduced seamlessly, whether the portraits were all taken in one day, over multiple days, or even years apart. New portraits can be added without a hitch as your company grows. Our photographers can come back to your location to recreate the exact same look, or, if you have only a few new employees, they can come to the studio without a noticeable difference. Colby and his team can also recreate the look of executive portraits done by past photographers, creating similar background and lighting, so you don’t have to re-photograph the entire company to ensure that your portraits match.

The staff portrait photographers at Colby’s Photography are known for their easy-going manner and attention to detail, as well as the use of flattering lighting and natural posing to capture genuine facial expressions and the overall style your company is looking for. If you want that extra polish, retouching services are also available.

If you need portraits that tell a larger story than just what people look like, Colby’s Photography has proven success in environmental portraits as well. They are experienced in finding creative and impactful areas of your office to use as a backdrop to convey not only what someone looks like but also the story of what they do. Using complimentary posing and creative lighting, they can create more marketable and engaging images.

Past clients have expressed their appreciation for the quick turnaround time and close attention to the entire customer experience, from the initial discussion of the look the company wants the portraits to convey, to the portrait sessions themselves, to the on-time final delivery of the images.

Contact the Knoxville staff portrait experts at Colby’s Photography to discuss your company’s portrait needs, or read about their individual headshot services if that better fits your needs. Feel free to learn more about Colby McLemore and his company or read what our customers think about our work and their experiences with us.