Knoxville Staff And Corporate Photographer


He took the time with everyone in our office to get the perfect headshot. He was very thorough in the process and delivered exactly what was expected!

–Jonathan Bednar

Quality Corporate Photos Don’t Have To Be A Hassle. We Make Great Images A Positive Experience. Colby’s Photography delivers high-quality staff portraits for every use you can imagine—from formal corporate reports to compelling social media.  We can shoot just a few people, or a whole convention using multiple shooting bays. We use our years of experience to streamline the process. So we work within your time constraints. And we keep you informed at all times. If you need images for annual reports, websites, board profiles, business cards, online platforms or other uses, we make them happen. (For individual portraits, click here.)

He made it easy so I could check it off of my to-do list.

–Connie White

Our Unique Process Creates Amazing Business Portraits Fast. So You And Your Staff Get Back To Your Day. We are hyper-focused on making every step from your initial call to the final delivery as efficient and hassle-free as possible. We address any questions or concerns in advance, so scheduling, location choices, and preparing the staff are professionally handled. During the photography, our specialized mobile studio equipment and processes get the subjects in and out quickly, while providing the highest quality imagery. Afterward, you get staff portrait images back in a timely manner, without having to track everyone down for their choices.

His level of communication, in understanding the needs, to establishing the date, time, location, and individual requirements, was organized and comprehensive.

–Jaqueline Croft

We Ensure Everyone Likes Their Business Portraits So You Don’t Get Complaints. We create a relaxed environment where each of your people is treated as an individual. It’s not the “school photo” experience. Instead, we engage each person to capture his or her essence. We use on-site image selection, so everyone picks their favorite shot immediately. This makes sure everyone is happy with the results. You avoid having to listen to complaints afterward.  It’s a big improvement over antiquated web galleries. You don’t have to track people down for a decision. And you avoid costly, time-consuming re-shoots.

Any photographer who can photograph 13 women, and they all be happy with the results is certainly talented.

–George Smith

We Create Consistent Staff Portraits. Every Time. We use specialized equipment and repeated processes to make sure that your portraits will always look similar. If we photograph them years apart, or at various locations around the nation, they will look as if they were taken on the same day.  We can also match the look of existing corporate images you may have—again saving you time and money.

If you want to put your company’s best foot forward with professional business portraits, call today to schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions – Company, Business, Corporate Portraits

How much do you charge for staff portraits? As the complexity of our client’s needs is so varied, it takes a short conversation to determine which options are the best fit for you and to give you an idea of the investment.

Do you do individual portraits? Yes, click here for all the details.

Can you match the staff portraits that I’ve had done in the past? Yes. We have been able to match the look and feel of every company past portraits so far. Please provide examples prior to getting an estimate.

How quickly can you do photography? We are a full time professional photographic studio. Most of the time we can accommodate quick turnarounds depending on your flexibility.

What if someone can’t be at the scheduled session? We have various options depending on your needs. We have a studio that they can come to, or we could arrange for another session.

Can we have digital files of our portraits? Yes (no additional charge). We cater to business professionals who use their portraits for the internet, news, and print advertising.

What is your turnaround time for your finished staff portraits? We can accommodate any turnaround–even the day of the session. Under normal circumstances, we deliver them within a week.

Do you charge sales tax? No. Many photographers produce tangible products necessitating a sales tax in Tennessee. We provide a service delivering images through the internet, which saves you money.

Can you match a new portrait with other professional company photography?  Yes, we regularly reverse engineer the style and lighting of companies existing portraits. This allows seamless inclusion of your new shots. We are very used to working with each client’s corporate or marketing guidelines, so we deliver the exact style and look your company needs.

Can you match backgrounds with other portraits or digitally drop in backgrounds? Yes, make sure that you bring this up early when discussing your portrait so that everything can be prepared beforehand.

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments? Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails, and we can easily collaborate. We are also very used to handling the whole workload ourselves if that better suits your needs. We are flexible.

What if one of my employees doesn’t like portraits? They will be choosing their images immediately after the staff portrait session. If they don’t like them, we will re-photograph them right there, while everything is already setup. Unfortunately, if the subject changes his or her mind later, then there would be a charge for re-photographing.

Who will be taking our portraits? Colby McLemore, who has a Master’s Degree and Craftsman Degree in photography, is the professional in charge. He is usually behind the camera, but there may be times when other highly qualified members of our staff will be taking your photos. If this is the case, you will know about it and approve it in advance.

How long do you keep my professional portraits? And do you keep all of the photos taken? After delivering the final images, we back up and archive all client purchased images. Un-purchased images are deleted. We strive to keep multiple backups of all final selects. But unfortunately, technology does fail from time to time. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover images forever. It is strongly suggested that you keep digital copies of your images in a safe, easy-to-find place as well. If at a later date you would like us to recover staff portrait images, there is a minimal digital management fee.

How do you bill? We invoice you and you can pay by check or credit card.