Interior Product Photography: Helping Clients with Their Clients

hopps - interior product photography

We all love our businesses appearing on TV, in magazines, and other sources of entertainment and Eddie Hopps from Hopps Woodworks is no exception. When Eddie needed interior product photography for magazine ads, Colby’s Photography went above and beyond to meet his needs. It was our pleasure to use our architectural photography to provide Eddie with high-quality photos that presented his expert craftsmanship.

Working with Colby was great. I was a graphic designer for almost 25 years, and it was so easy to work with him. I’ve been out of the business for eleven years, and we gelled immediately. He knew what I needed to accomplish and made it happen very efficiently. The attention to detail for the interior product photography was amazing. I’ll definitely work with him again, whether it’s for architectural photography or any professional photos I need. –– Eddie Hopps

My team and I were committed to helping Eddie with any challenges that arose around his magazine advertisement. We took the time to understand the design layout and envision how architectural photography would appear in the ad itself. We then combined these measures with our expertise to create exceptional interior photography examples that highlighted Eddie’s exceptional work.

Along with the interior photography itself, my team and I also helped Eddie’s relationship with one of his clients! When photographing in the client’s house, we emphasized Eddie’s expertise when interacting with the client – usually by personally complimenting his quality of work. On top of that, we kept convenience at the center of our service by scheduling a session that was easy for all parties. And, above all, we prioritized presenting Eddie in a professional light to reinforce his client’s wise decision to chose Eddie for his woodworking needs.

In all honesty, Eddie and Hopps Woodworks need no compliments; their masterful craftsmanship speaks for itself. When working on interior product photography, we had a wonderful time observing their attention to detail and personalized craftsmanship. Yet, Hopps Woodworks does more than just create furniture; they provide their customers with works of art.  Whether it’s a kitchen design, bathroom remodeling, or even a custom order, don’t hesitate to contact Hopps Woodworks — the go-to resource for wood-based furniture services provided with skill and passion.

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