Healing Arts Website Product Photography

website product photography

There are various types of website product photography for different pages on a website. Images on the home or landing pages, the first one a customer sees, are essential. They must convey what the product solves and its value at a glance. Otherwise, the potential customer will likely look elsewhere. This costs you money by losing a lead.

This is the type of product photography Chris Pyne from Healing Arts Garden needed for his website selling Richway Amethyst Biomats. We had to convey the calming and healing qualities of his amazing product.

“I very much recommend Colby’s Photography. Our website product photography turned out wonderfully and will surely draw attention to our products and to us. Colby is very personable and easy to work with and has great talent as a photographer.”-Chris Pyne

By capturing the BioMats in a calming environment with the large windows, the lush vegetation, and the glowing crystal, we highlighted the serene qualities that the product creates. Website photography of this style is often displayed as a banner. Banners are much narrower vertically than what cameras natively produce. You have to have an experienced eye to photograph these proportions so that every space in the image contributes to the product’s story.

After the wonderful experience of helping Chris with his website, I found the Richway Amethyst BioMat itself very inviting! The BioMat uses natural means, like light and heat, to calm and heal. Chris and Healing Arts Garden have been using BioMats to comfort and help their clients since 2007. Once you’ve seen our relaxing, high-quality website photography of the BioMat, reach out to Chris and try it out for yourself!

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