National Launch Requires Quick Product Photography

Knoxville product photography

“In a fast-paced world of technology, it is imperative to have professional and expedient resources to meet the often impromptu demands of corporate and local management teams and marketing strategies. Colby’s Photography is the solution!

A couple of weeks ago, the Director of Operations came to me with just such a request. “Our new product line is ready to launch and we need a photo shoot!” In my research I found Colby’s Photography. I explained our needs and timeline to Colby and he coordinated every detail. Colby quickly got back to me with the date and time for the session. During the photo shoot, Colby maintained the highest level of professionalism, while making the atmosphere of the session completely fun and relaxed, and he focused intently on the best quality. The images we received exceeded our expectations and were unanimously approved. Absolutely, proof you can see!” — Kenneth D.

I was recently contacted by a product development engineer with FLIR, a large international firm. Their products include industrial automation, traffic control systems, defense and military systems, maritime electronics. They had recently finished development on the product and they needed a quality product photographer immediately. When I talked to the product developer Friday afternoon, he mentioned that they needed the images before that Wednesday. I told him I’d move mountains if possible.

I quickly contacted the marketing department and asked them to send examples of the product photography for their other product lines so that I could match the style and look. I asked what the final uses would be so that I could photograph accordingly. Their immediate need was for trade show banners and promotional brochures but the product photography would potentially also go on their website, in their social media, and in other promotions.

In further discussions with the FLIR team, I discovered this particular product was designed for first responders particularly fire fighters. I have a wide range of contacts throughout Knoxville and knew a friend, Ted Esch, who had long-time relationships with the fire departments around the region. With his help, I was quickly introduced to Oak Ridge Fire Chief Darryl Kerley whose fire station was near my client’s office. Darryl was wonderful to work and helped me coordinate everything over the weekend. We scheduled a fire truck, some firemen, and an appropriate location for the shoot that Monday morning, and the weather was perfect. I was happy we were able to pull it all together in less than one business day.

After a quick hand shake with Darryl, the session started without a hitch. The only thing that kept us on our toes was the changing direction of the sun and making sure the fire truck, firemen, and the background worked together to tell the story of what the product was used for. We were able to display the images onsite which kept the client happy, as they knew we nailed the shots.

I was able to deliver the final images that day after a little polishing. The client was astonished that we were able to produce that high a quality imagery that quickly. We can’t always create a one-day miracle for a national ad campaign but I’m amazed at what we are able to do.

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