Correct Color Photography that Customers Love

No customer wants to receive a product they bought online that looks completely different when they get it in the mail.  Scott Law called our team because he wanted to correct color images of his coffee cup sleeves on his website. Our dedicated team had the experience to meet his needs.  We could create images that would not just impress but would also look like the products being sold. We used expert lighting techniques to portray the lids’ correct color, texture, and sizes. The goal was to create an authentic online shopping experience.

“Thank you for the recent work you did for us. The high-quality images were exactly what we needed to make our website appear more professional and appealing. I especially appreciate your patience and guidance when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted or needed. Your photography skills were able to show the correct color of all our custom sleeves on the website. Your willingness to help and relaxed persona made the process not only easy but also enjoyable. We will definitely be calling you for any future photography needs.” –Scott Law

 Scott wanted to provide an online shopping experience where the customer could select all their various options at once. He wanted the customer to be able to see all the changes while selecting them. Our team used calibrated lights, cameras, computers, and monitors to create consistent and correct color calibrations. The cups, lids, and sleeves come in different sizes, colors, and textures. The images had to be completely consistent in placement as well. The goal was to photograph the products realistically so that the customer would be happy when the order arrived. Browsing a website that is not color correct can be a very unpleasant shopping experience for the customer.

Scott Law is best known for creating beautiful coffee cup sleeves that his customers love. His shop, Customer Cup Sleeves, is based in Smyrna, Tennessee. Scott’s team provides cup sleeves for occasions such as weddings or church events. Coffee shops and schools also love to buy their creatively designed sleeves. Scott was a pleasure to work with. Truly, Customer Cup Sleeves provide top-quality sleeves that are sure to please any customer. Contact them for your next event if you want creative, durable, and beautiful cup sleeves. 

If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here. If you have a specific project you wish to discuss (i.e., creating correct color calibrations), click here.

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