Business Lifestyle Portraits–Are They Best Choice For You?

Business Lifestyle Portrait



Having professionally photographed portraits is increasingly vital for all your advertising–print and website, as well as social media. Often the first impression is what can make or break a sale. For most businesses, studio headshots are the best choice, as they are the most flattering and easiest to schedule. Sometimes a business needs more—they need photos that convey a story or a sense of what the company does. That’s where business lifestyle portraits come in.

Business lifestyle portraits have a broader focus than a simple headshot. They not only focus on you, but also on what you are doing and how you do it. If you wish to show that your business gives friendly, caring customer service, a lifestyle portrait can capture this. Or perhaps you want to show a happy, productive office environment where things get done efficiently and effectively. A lifestyle portrait can help convey this.

In general, business lifestyle portraits feel very natural and convey a lot more life and feeling than simple headshots. As most of them take place inside, they are also easy to schedule. They take more preparation than headshots and require more of your time. You’ll need to get the work area ready for the shoot (cleaning up desks, getting rid of clutter, etc.), gather any props you might need (pens, laptops, clipboards, etc.), and decide if you want extra people to act as customers. You’ll want to consult with your photographer about what shots will tell your story best. The photographer will help create the correct look and feel through placement, props, lighting, and posing.

All of this together can mean a bit more of your time and a little more investment. Lifestyle portraits also take a bit longer to shoot, as there are many more pieces to bring together–from different models to moving lighting equipment around. So if a quick timeline is crucial to you, this is probably not the type of portrait to choose. If, however, you’re looking for a picture that will get a reaction from its viewer and you’re willing to put in the extra time and investment, the lifestyle portrait is probably your strongest (and most creative) option.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lifestyle business portraits can be used hand-in-hand with studio portraits. This will be especially effective if you do a lot of social media and other marketing where images are important. For example, some clients will use their headshot as their avatar and then their lifestyle portrait as their banner. On websites, it’s very common to use the studio headshots on the “About” page, while the lifestyle portraits are used on landing pages. It depends on how many pictures you shoot and what you would like to use them for.

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