Mac Bartine headshot photographer testimonial

“Getting my picture taken is not a process I look forward to experiencing. But Colby is not only personable and friendly, he’s also a total professional who quickly understood my desired outcome without me having to explain it in great detail. The result was a relaxed atmosphere and great photographs.” – Mac Bartine – CEO of Smart RIA



Mac, CEO of Smart RIA, contacted us for a professional business portrait for use on his Linkedin page and company website. It was a pleasure working with Mac to create this portrait. If you are ever in need of financial consulting strongly consider Smart RIA.

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Interior Photographer Testimoinal

“Working with Colby was great. I was a graphic designer for almost 25 years and it was so easy to work with him. I’ve been out the business for eleven years and we gelled almost immediately. He knew what I needed to accomplish and made it happen very efficiently. Attention to detail was amazing. I’ll work with him again.”

– Eddie Hopps – Hopps Woodworks



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I was a bit nervous about having my first professional headshot taken, but Colby and his assistants set out from the very beginning making me feel very comfortable and at ease. From beginning to the final fantastic photo, I had fun and was able to enjoy the entire experience. I would highly recommend using Colby for any and all professional photography needs. – Diane Miller – Kroeger-Miller CPA, LLC.

Corporate Photographer Testimonial

Colby’s Photography exceed my expectations! If you are looking for a professional photographer, stop right here and call or email Colby today! It was a big shoot with lots of headshots of people who don’t necessarily enjoy being photographed. Colby created a comfortable environment and gave each person the ability to select their preferred photo. Everyone was pleased with the process and, best of all, came away with a photo they loved! The images are high quality and his attention to detail is superb! – Kristi Fightmaster – marketing director


Thank you to everyone for your support in voting me, the Best Knoxville Photographer in the News Sentinel Reader’s Choice Awards for so many years! I cannot tell you how thankful I am of your support. The News-Sentinel has the largest newspaper audience in the area and this award is one of the most recognizable in the area. It is an honor to be recognized and supported by my community. It is that time again and I would really appreciate the love again.

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