Color Consistency in Product Photography

Product photography colors must be rendered exactly as they appear in the product. The final images cannot be brighter or darker, more or less saturated, or have shifts in the hues. These are measurable and specific terms that determine how the color looks. When you deliver a product to the buyer that looks different than you showed them, they get upset. This costs employees time, money, as well as your reputation.

Calibrated Lighting, Meters, and Know-How. Our lights are the highest quality, and they are precisely calibrated to be consistent in the colors’ hue and saturation. They have a “profile” or color temperature that has to be the same with every light. Many photographers feel light meters, a measuring tape for light, is an old school technology. We have the top-of-the-line meter that ensures the exact right brightness.

Calibrated Camera, Files, and Know-How. We use high-quality cameras that produce pretty accurate colors right out of the store. But pretty accurate is not accurate enough for us. The “profiles” mentioned in the paragraph above have to be synced within the camera as well. The profiles that most photographers use are an average of all the models that the manufacturer produces. We go above and beyond, creating specific DNG profiles for each of our cameras. These camera profiles ensure that the peculiarities of each of our cameras don’t affect the product photography color rendering.

Calibrated Monitors, Editing Processes, and Know-How. We use high-quality monitors that show colors correctly, so what we see on the monitor is what the original product looks like. They are so accurate that professional product photographers rent our monitor for their regional and state photography competitions. The hardest part of the whole process is making sure that photo editors do not introduce color shifts in the editing process. It takes an advanced skill set to use Photoshop. Maintaining product photography color consistency throughout the entire process is even harder.

Your products are the key to your business–don’t risk a poor representation. Our team is eager and ready to give you a great experience in bringing those products to life with accurate and consistent product photography colors. Now you have the full picture of how we commit to a uniform color for our clients, so we look forward to helping! If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here. If you have a specific project you wish to discuss, click here.

architectural school photography

Back to school season can get hectic – especially for Dennis Dockery from Rouse Construction. Dennis needed professional, high-quality architectural school photography during his tight construction schedule as well as the school’s. We were more than glad to help Dennis get the photography needed for marketing materials. It was a pleasure using our scheduling and photography expertise to help.

“Colby is always upbeat, positive, and willing to please. His correspondence is very clear and prompt. The architectural school photography he provided was a diverse assortment of images that exceeded my expectations. For a positive photography experience, I would recommend using Colby’s Photography.”-Dennis Dockery

With students’, parents’, and teachers’ schedules all overlapping during school, adding construction to the mix seems like a recipe for stress. Being full-time professionals, we were able to be flexible enough to match even this challenging schedule. We made this experience simplified and convenient for Dennis.

A key component was scheduling the architectural school photography session after construction was finished, but before school itself started. We planned all the shots he needed beforehand so he had everything he needed in one session. All in all, our dedication to convenient and professional service guaranteed Dennis high-quality marketing images that highlighted his quality of work.

Dennis was wonderful to work with. After all, it is easier to capture high-quality architectural school photography when the architecture itself is already high in quality! Dennis and Rouse Construction personalize their approach giving them a unique edge. This easily makes them the go-to resource for contracting in East Tennessee.

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hopps - interior product photography

We all love our businesses appearing on TV, in magazines, and other sources of entertainment and Eddie Hopps from Hopps Woodworks is no exception. When Eddie needed interior product photography for magazine ads, Colby’s Photography went above and beyond to meet his needs. It was our pleasure to use our architectural photography to provide Eddie with high-quality photos that presented his expert craftsmanship.

Working with Colby was great. I was a graphic designer for almost 25 years, and it was so easy to work with him. I’ve been out of the business for eleven years, and we gelled immediately. He knew what I needed to accomplish and made it happen very efficiently. The attention to detail for the interior product photography was amazing. I’ll definitely work with him again, whether it’s for architectural photography or any professional photos I need. –– Eddie Hopps

My team and I were committed to helping Eddie with any challenges that arose around his magazine advertisement. We took the time to understand the design layout and envision how architectural photography would appear in the ad itself. We then combined these measures with our expertise to create exceptional interior photography examples that highlighted Eddie’s exceptional work.

Along with the interior photography itself, my team and I also helped Eddie’s relationship with one of his clients! When photographing in the client’s house, we emphasized Eddie’s expertise when interacting with the client – usually by personally complimenting his quality of work. On top of that, we kept convenience at the center of our service by scheduling a session that was easy for all parties. And, above all, we prioritized presenting Eddie in a professional light to reinforce his client’s wise decision to chose Eddie for his woodworking needs.

In all honesty, Eddie and Hopps Woodworks need no compliments; their masterful craftsmanship speaks for itself. When working on interior product photography, we had a wonderful time observing their attention to detail and personalized craftsmanship. Yet, Hopps Woodworks does more than just create furniture; they provide their customers with works of art.  Whether it’s a kitchen design, bathroom remodeling, or even a custom order, don’t hesitate to contact Hopps Woodworks — the go-to resource for wood-based furniture services provided with skill and passion.

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Lora Williams - Realtor Portrait

Let’s face it: getting a descent portrait can be a nerve-wracking experience. Especially in the real estate industry, where the realtor headshot is at the center of their marketing! Lora Williams from Walker Realty Group had these challenges when she was looking to get a professional realtor portrait. She had immediate needs for her website, MLS sheets, brochures, business cards, and overall brand. Colby’s Photography was more than happy to help with those needs! It was a pleasure to deliver high-resolution headshots that displayed Miss Williams’ shining personality, helping her to create a compelling and distinguished realtor identity.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! I actually enjoyed having my picture taken! The realtor headshot quality is perfect! Your experience and personality are exceptional! I look forward to working with you again! I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so relaxed.

Lora Williams

Clients often dread the idea of having their portrait taken, a challenge that Lora faced when first approaching Colby’s Photography.  She was quickly relieved once she saw that Colby and his team specialize in advertising portraits and people. We have the experience to focus all our attention on connecting and putting our clients at ease as we can do the photography without thinking. Colby and his team take special pride, seeing a smile on a client’s face – both for the realtor headshot itself and because of her satisfaction with the experience. 

Lora is known for her work with the Walker Realty Group in Knoxville, Tennessee as well as her smiling Realtor headshot. Lora and Walker Realty put the needs and wellbeing of their clients before anything else. Need reliable information about the value of a piece property? Are you confused about how to tackle the buying/selling process? She is ready to help you with anything and everything concerning real estate. Short on food for an open house event? They cover catering too! For Knoxville’s go-to real estate resource, contact Lora Williams with Walker Realty at their website and social media.

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Medical Corporate Portraits

At Colby’s Photography, we love creating corporate portraits for clients, and Greg Kenny at Endocrinology Consultants is certainly no exception! While scheduling and taking company portraits are often seen as a hassle-filled and disruptive process, we were able to make the experience as stress-free as possible by providing the requested photographs in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner. It was an absolute pleasure helping Mr. Kenny and his team with the staff portraits needed for advertising and website content.

 “Very pleased with Colby’s professionalism, the quality of our staff portraits, and headshots.  He made the process very easy and efficient for our physicians and nurse practitioners.  Will use again for future photography needs, especially for corporate portraits.” – Greg Kenny

As is the case with all medical professionals, the physicians and nurse practitioners at Endocrinology Consultants are constantly giving their full attention and energy to meet their patients’ every need. Colby’s team recognized that on top of the stress of scheduling corporate portraits, actually taking the pictures could be a disruptive process. This is especially true in a setting where concentration and coordination are necessary for medical personnel to deliver superior quality care. That’s why we didn’t stop at just providing the high-quality, professional corporate portraits needed for company advertising – they were committed to taking the company portraits in a way that was professional yet non-invasive.

From ensuring that the photo-taking process was as seamless as possible to having flexible scheduling options and photographing the staff at the company’s multiple facility locations, our team provided a stress-free experience. One physician was so impressed with his portrait that he asked for a personal copy of his picture – even though he’d admitted earlier that he hated having his portrait done!

Mr. Kenny’s high-quality staff portraits were a perfect match for the high-quality service provided by Endocrinology Consultants. Since 1987, they’ve been using their expertise in medical consultation, laboratory services, diagnostics, and nutrition education to treat endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders, especially diabetes. Whether you need nutritional care or simply want more information about your health, feel free to reach out to them either in person or via their online social media – you might just recognize them from their top-tier staff portraits!

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