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“Colby was a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional and understood specifically how I would be using my Knoxville business portrait. I ended up with exactly what I wanted. The entire process from beginning to end was fantastic! Thanks again for your help and for making everything so easy!”– Jennifer Broyles

Jennifer was a joy to be around in the studio. We were quite happy to get her the Knoxville business portrait she was looking for. She is a wonderful business and tax consultant who has a great reputation throughout the area. Jennifer offers services ranging from tax compliance to helping startups get financially established. She works closely with her clients, advising them on everything from day-to-day operations to strategic planning—whatever their business needs. I look forward to working with her again in the future. You can find out more about Jennifer here. She was referred to me by my friend and client, Kathryn Eaton of Eaton Tax and Business Services.

If you are looking to get your own Knoxville business portrait or have questions about the process or our company, don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to check out more examples and testimonials from our other satisfied clients, too!

Business Lifestyle Portrait



Having professionally photographed portraits is increasingly vital for all your advertising–print and website, as well as social media. Often the first impression is what can make or break a sale. For most businesses, studio headshots are the best choice, as they are the most flattering and easiest to schedule. Sometimes a business needs more—they need photos that convey a story or a sense of what the company does. That’s where business lifestyle portraits come in.

Business lifestyle portraits have a broader focus than a simple headshot. They not only focus on you, but also on what you are doing and how you do it. If you wish to show that your business gives friendly, caring customer service, a lifestyle portrait can capture this. Or perhaps you want to show a happy, productive office environment where things get done efficiently and effectively. A lifestyle portrait can help convey this.

In general, business lifestyle portraits feel very natural and convey a lot more life and feeling than simple headshots. As most of them take place inside, they are also easy to schedule. They take more preparation than headshots and require more of your time. You’ll need to get the work area ready for the shoot (cleaning up desks, getting rid of clutter, etc.), gather any props you might need (pens, laptops, clipboards, etc.), and decide if you want extra people to act as customers. You’ll want to consult with your photographer about what shots will tell your story best. The photographer will help create the correct look and feel through placement, props, lighting, and posing.

All of this together can mean a bit more of your time and a little more investment. Lifestyle portraits also take a bit longer to shoot, as there are many more pieces to bring together–from different models to moving lighting equipment around. So if a quick timeline is crucial to you, this is probably not the type of portrait to choose. If, however, you’re looking for a picture that will get a reaction from its viewer and you’re willing to put in the extra time and investment, the lifestyle portrait is probably your strongest (and most creative) option.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lifestyle business portraits can be used hand-in-hand with studio portraits. This will be especially effective if you do a lot of social media and other marketing where images are important. For example, some clients will use their headshot as their avatar and then their lifestyle portrait as their banner. On websites, it’s very common to use the studio headshots on the “About” page, while the lifestyle portraits are used on landing pages. It depends on how many pictures you shoot and what you would like to use them for.

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Great Portraits and How You Can Help

If you don’t like your portraits, if you don’t like having them taken, or if you would like to get the best portrait possible at no additional investment, please take a few minutes to read this in its entirety. Check out what my clients say about their experience anywhere on the internet. You will read testimonials about how I have overcome these challenges time and again. I have the skill and expertise to create an exceptional image every time. That being said, having you spend an additional thirty minutes to an hour helping me help you will return vast dividends in the experience as well as in the final product.

Read What I Send You–emails as well as links. The information that I send you before the session comes from past clients’ questions, concerns, and mistakes that negatively affected the final image. It won’t take long, and these are common mistakes that happen all the time. Take a few minutes to consider the suggestions. They are based on solid portrait concepts that apply to most clients to create the best portraits possible. If they don’t seem to fit you or if you have any questions, please give me a call beforehand. If you wait until the actual session, it might be too late.

Consider Questions. I will be asking questions from the beginning call all the way to the final delivery of the images. Please take a minute or two to consider them. Don’t worry because I already have multiple answers to any questions that are appropriate to your needs but you need to help me. I want to create the best portrait possible that matches your tastes and needs. I can make a great cup of coffee. If you don’t help me with what you want, I’ll make you a light roast 12 oz. coffee with almond milk and Splenda. It might not be the way you like it but it is still a great cup of coffee.

Engage in the Process. During the session, consider and pay attention to directions. You can’t see what’s happening in the camera so don’t worry about it. You hired me to worry about it. Listen to the directions and follow them. Don’t worry about getting every click right when being photographed. You will likely feel a bit awkward at first, which quickly recedes. We are just looking for a few great shots, and I will delete all the others. I promise I will not show anyone the ones were you don’t look your best because I pushed the button at the wrong time.

Tell Me What You Like and Don’t Like. As we are reviewing the images I will help make suggestions on which portraits I prefer based on years of experience. If you don’t agree, please tell me so and why. If you have challenges with this, I can ask questions to help you define what you like. This helps me continue to give you advice on great portraits that include your preferences. Whatever happens, don’t give up if you are not seeing what you want. Talk to me about it because with the two of us collaborating, we can do it–as long as you help me help you.

Again, I have a proven track record of creating portraits that professional photographers, as well as judges, appreciate. But I want you to like them as well as having them geared to your needs. This happens before and during the session. If you wait to reflect on these after the session, there is nothing that I can do to correct them other than to reshoot them, which requires additional investment, so let’s get it right the first time!

At Colby’s Photography, we tailor our services to our client’s specific needs. We hope you will choose us to take your next professional portraits. To learn more about our portrait services, click here. To learn more about Colby and his team, click here. If you have any queries about our services, please feel free to contact us.






Photography for architects requires a lot of communication and project management. It’s a skill to coordinate with multiple people to gain access and schedule multiple locations. The photographer also needs to arrange everything for when the light is perfect for obtaining the best quality photography. Cara Knapp from OYSK3 Architects, Knoxville, TN, contacted us for her firm’s marketing needs. Being a professional and expert in her field, she was well aware of these challenges. She needed high-quality images while at the same time, needed her photographer to maintain her top-shelf branding.

“Colby listened and communicated well throughout the process. Before taking a single shot, he discussed my expectations with me, defining and recording them. He made sure to understand the true need and desired use(s) for the images he was producing for our firm. He showed high skills and craftsmanship in photographing for our architects. We look forward to collaborating more in the future.” – Cara Knapp

Often many locations are required when photographing for architects. To do that we had to coordinate with the builders, renters, and property owners. We are also very aware that our actions reflect on the architects and we ensure every interaction is as professional and positive as possible. Also, it was our pleasure to plan everything, helping to take some of the workload from Cara. 

Our next challenge was to schedule the shoots at a time that gave us the right light. It is very important in photographing for architects that the lighting is right. We knew Cara needed the images for her company’s website, brochures, and other marketing needs. We also considered how to integrate our images with the photography they already had. We also worked to make sure the images highlighted the craftsmanship of the architects.

Cara Knapp is the Principal Architect at OYSK3 Architects. She is a passionate designer and loves creating unique spaces to meet the needs of her clients. Since 2002, OYSK3 Architects has been renovating buildings with great expertise. Their work deserves high-quality photography that we provided with true diligence. The company prides itself on its three pillars: to be consistent, reliable, and responsive. They received a Certificate of Appreciation from Knox Heritage for their excellence. You can take a look at their residential and commercial projects here. For professional architectural services, you can contact OYSK3 on their website or Facebook.

If you’d like to schedule your next architectural interiors or exteriors, click here. To learn more about how we photograph for architects click here. To learn more about my experience, click here. To read some of my testimonials that can be found anywhere on the web, click here.

dentist headshot

A professional headshot is the best way to project a positive image to your clients, especially on the internet. Fred Case from Knoxville Endodontics came to us for the perfect dentist headshot. He was concerned about getting just the right image that would convey a friendly message to his clients. At Colby’s Photography, we were eager to offer our expertise. We delivered a high-quality headshot that portrayed Dr. Case’s friendly and confident personality.

“I found the experience to be very professional, very easy and very comfortable. It had been 30 years or longer since I had a professional portrait taken. Everyone I know is very pleased with the images you took. I think we made a great choice going with a big smile rather than a plain professional look. Please consider this message to be my highest recommendation for your services.” –Fred Case

The headshot on your website is your first introduction to clients. Because it leaves a lasting impression, you’ll want it to be perfect. For doctors and dentists, in particular, projecting a kind and friendly face is vital. A portrait that also shows confidence and commitment will tell prospective clients that they are in good hands.

At Colby’s Photography, we take care of the minute details of your marketing strategy to provide you with the best services. We are experts in our art and love to help our clients by offering the best quality photography in Knoxville, TN. When Dr. Case came to us for his dentist portrait, we knew that for a dentist, a smile literally opens a hundred doors. We suggested that he use his big smile to show his natural friendliness and professional expertise. The results were even better than expected, and Dr. Case is now another happy customer among hundreds of satisfied clients.

Fred Case is a veteran endodontist with a loyal clientele. He has traveled around the world while serving as a commanding officer in the Navy and also in the Marines. Now working in Knoxville, TN, Dr. Case also volunteers his services to the church. He is as kind and friendly as his smiling portrait says. We bet you cannot find a more practiced, proficient and professional dentist for your next root canal. To contact him at Knoxville Endodontics for your next appointment, visit his website or social media.

At Colby’s Photography, we always put our clients first. We hope you will choose us to take your next professional headshot. You can view the full range of our services here. If you have any queries about our services, please feel free to contact us.