drone photos for construction companies

Drone photos are becoming an integral part of the construction industry’s marketing. Thus, Richard D. Tilley with the Construction Services Group contacted us to capture aerial images of their completed Knoxville site to showcase their expertise in steel framing. He needed to capture interesting images that highlighted this.

Most importantly, Richard wanted quality work without complications. He wanted a professional drone photographer who could handle all the aspects of the project without any surprises or hassles. He was out of town and wanted someone to take the lead and take care of all the details, someone who had the experience to do it.

I found Colby’s Photos & Videos by a quick Google search. I emailed him and within minutes had a response, was on the phone with him, and had my photography needs completed within a few days. With little instruction, he got me the pictures exactly how we wanted. Great experience!” – Richard D. Tilley

We coordinated with the job crew chief concerning when their construction was finished as well as making sure everyone knew we would be there. The next day, the weather and best lighting were determined. We took the drone photos from typical angles as well as more creative ones. We delivered the edited drone images with the exact specifications that they needed.

The Construction Services Group provides services in commercial and industrial sectors as well as in residential and institutional areas. They also offer construction services for offices, healthcare sectors, condos, single- and multiple-family houses, as well as restaurants.

They also offer remodeling and renovation. Plus, the company specializes in custom designs, tiny houses, job-site offices, and bathroom pods. Are you looking for construction experts using steel framing solutions for your project? Contact Richard D. Tilley and his team at Construction Services Group for reliable construction. You can also contact Richard Tilley at Construction Services Group’s website and their Facebook page.

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Cityview - Best Knoxville Photography

Thank you to everyone for your support in voting me, Cityview’s Best of the Best Commercial and Male Portrait Knoxville Photographer for so many years! Cityview has the largest magazine audience in the area and this award is one of the most recognizable in the area. Voting for me is one of the best ways to support me and my business–besides hiring me or referring me directly, of course. There are lots of other local businesses you will be supporting as well as be entered to win prizes.

  1. Go to http://bestof.cityviewmag.com/cgi-bin/voting.pl
  2.  Fill out Request a xxxx ballot
    1. Don’t worry if it has the wrong date. It is the correct page.
    2. The page will ask you to type in:
      1. Your email address
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      4. Click Y if you accept the Official Rules
  3. Cityview will e-mail you your login information, including a link to direct you where to vote.
    1. Click on the link to activate your ballot and open a web browser to vote.
    2. Keep your code, email address, and link so you can come at a later date and vote some other people you want to support.
  4. To vote:
    1. Click PEOPLE, the last main categories.
      1. Click Photographer – Commercial subcategory.
        1. Click Colby McLemore
        2. Click the Vote button at the bottom
      2. Click Photographer – Photographer subcategory.
        1. Click Colby McLemore
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    2. Under STORES & SERVICES main category.
      1. Click Video Production subcategory.
        1. Click Colby’s Photos & Videos
        2. Click the Vote button at the bottom.
  5. Keep voting for at least 48 other votes for other businesses that you like in our area–no votes count until you’ve voted for at least 50.
    1. At the top under Official rules it will indicate when you have reached 50 votes.
    2. You do not have the opportunity to get the prizes without doing 50.
    3. If you are having trouble, feel free to reach out and I can make some suggestions on companies that I love.
  6. If your business is on the list, please e-mail me so I can consider voting for you!
  7. Spread the word!  Have as many people vote as possible.

No matter what, I want to thank you for your continued support. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then the eye-catching product photography is worth a thousand clicks on a client’s website. When it comes to the bedding and mattress industry, the focus must be showcasing the comfort of the products. Derrick Pratt from Brothers Bedding had the same vision in mind when looking for a product photographer. He needed someone to capture the comfort of his bedding products.

Whether it is the mattresses, box springs, or adjustable beds, he wanted quality photography. We at Colby’s Photography were much obliged to assist Brothers Bedding in fulfilling those needs. We provided exceptional product photography for all the Knoxville products Derrick’s company offers.

“Colby made the entire process from start to finish an absolute breeze! Colby’s craftsmanship is one of a kind, and our mattress photos turned out gorgeous! Within 10 minutes of Colby showing up to our facility for the photo-shoot, we knew we were in great hands, and the final product would turn out as promised.”
–Derrick Pratt

The main focus was to create a compelling and stunning look for the mattress and bedding products in Knoxville, Tennessee. The product photography needed to showcase all the new products on the client’s website and contribute to their online marketing strategy. Brothers Bedding had just created new beds and needed a product photographer at their location. The lighting was not good so they brought industry standardized professional lighting to make sure all the colors were accurate.

Colby’s Photography helped them organize everything to make the process efficient, convenient to the client’s time and space. Colby and his team collaborated with Derrick and his company throughout the shoot by offering flexibility by adding additional photos that came to mind as the session progressed. The final images of the beds edited into the backgrounds looked as if they had captured the images with elaborate sets.

Brothers Bedding is a mattress and bedding company in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company opened its doors in 1938, founded by Mr. L.J. Brothers. Brothers Bedding is a factory that manufactures high-quality bedding products and accessories and offers them directly to its customers. They have an excellent reputation for their reasonable and fair prices.

Are you looking to buy a mattress or are you struggling with set up or removal of your old mattress? Derrick and his team at Brothers Bedding are always available to assist you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They can provide unique and luxurious mattresses and accessories at lower prices compared to other brands. Brothers Bedding is skillful in working with antique beds as well as modern cushy foam products. If you are looking for a genuine Knoxville product, contact Derrick at Brothers Bedding via their social media page and website.

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Knoxville Headshot - Ilienis Perez-Rios

It’s no news that professional portraits help companies stand out from the competition. Polished, high-quality corporate headshots maintain businesses’ exclusive branding, which attracts upper-end clientele. Ilienis Perez-Rios was recently hired by Endocrinology Consultants, who we had photographed on location about a year ago. They needed her portrait to maintain the same polish and look as those we took over a year ago. She came to our downtown Knoxville studio so the shoot didn’t affect the rest of the office. We quickly created a portrait that looked like it was taken on the same day.

 “I have to say that this studio is just simply the best. Colby got ahold of me promptly and kept open communication the entire time. The time spent in the studio was great. I received my portrait later that day, and it is immaculate. Don’t go anywhere else. Colby offers the best.”Ilienis Perez-Rios

We create consistency in our corporate photography, thanks to our years of experience. We use precision measuring equipment, so the lighting is the same each time. Ilienis also appreciated the communication, which is essential to ensure that the subject is prepared to look similar to the rest of her team. Finally, her boss liked that she could just go to my Knoxville portrait studio and that I took care of all the coordination so she didn’t have to.

Ilienis works at Endocrinology Consultants, helping people throughout East Tennessee. She’s able to join the fight against diseases that affect the endocrine glands. Endocrinology Consultants offer services that help treat hormonal imbalances and facilitates endocrine wellness. Need nutrition and diabetes education, medical consultations, or laboratory services and diagnostics? Look no further. This firm helps with any issue of metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases in East Tennessee. For more, check out their website.

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website product photography

There are various types of website product photography for different pages on a website. Images on the home or landing pages, the first one a customer sees, are essential. They must convey what the product solves and its value at a glance. Otherwise, the potential customer will likely look elsewhere. This costs you money by losing a lead.

This is the type of product photography Chris Pyne from Healing Arts Garden needed for his website selling Richway Amethyst Biomats. We had to convey the calming and healing qualities of his amazing product.

“I very much recommend Colby’s Photography. Our website product photography turned out wonderfully and will surely draw attention to our products and to us. Colby is very personable and easy to work with and has great talent as a photographer.”-Chris Pyne

By capturing the BioMats in a calming environment with the large windows, the lush vegetation, and the glowing crystal, we highlighted the serene qualities that the product creates. Website photography of this style is often displayed as a banner. Banners are much narrower vertically than what cameras natively produce. You have to have an experienced eye to photograph these proportions so that every space in the image contributes to the product’s story.

After the wonderful experience of helping Chris with his website, I found the Richway Amethyst BioMat itself very inviting! The BioMat uses natural means, like light and heat, to calm and heal. Chris and Healing Arts Garden have been using BioMats to comfort and help their clients since 2007. Once you’ve seen our relaxing, high-quality website photography of the BioMat, reach out to Chris and try it out for yourself!

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