Imagine having a business website where all the portraits looked completely different. Every portrait had different backgrounds as well as different lighting and color casts. It creates a non-consistent look that doesn’t seem polished or professional. Unfortunately, this is a common challenge when companies (especially multi-city companies) hire different photographers over the years to do portraits of their new hires. Melissa Hutton faced something like this when she started as the marketing director for Spicer Rudstrom Law Firm.

“Working with Colby was a pleasure! He did a great job of updating and giving a consistent look to our existing portrait images with new backgrounds for a new website. I appreciate how he took the time to explain the different options I could choose from for the new backgrounds. I would recommend Colby for quality photography services.”Melissa Hutton

For most businesses these days, the website is the first point of contact. Therefore, it is important that it look professional and high class to attract better clientele. Melissa wanted a similar feel for her company’s website. Colby discussed various pitfalls as well as options that would not only solve her problem today but would also place her company in a great place for future hires. Then, we went through her past portraits as well as some newer ones, editing them to make them look like they were all taken at the same time and at the same place by the same photographer. Colby’s Photos & Videos was able to get a consistent look for the website even though the portraits were not originally that way.

Spicer Rudstrom Law Firm is a legal industry leader. It provides quality and excellent legal representation for its clients in Knoxville and other areas of Tennessee. They have a professional and dedicated legal team. You can check out their services here.

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Industry leader Colby McLemore recently shared his company’s approach in a popular podcast for professional photographers. In the podcast, The Profitable Photographer by Luci Dumi, Colby discussed how he uses the word “helpful” as one of the cornerstones of his services. He pointed out how being helping creates strong client relationships because the client then understands his intention is to provide them with the best value possible. Click here to listen to the interview.

Being an industry influencer reassures clients. Every client wants a perfect final image or video but the process can be challenging. However, Colby has been surrounding himself with the best in the industry to learn how to not only match but also exceed his clients’ hopes and expectations. In turn, he feels he should share his knowledge with other photographers as well. He strongly believes in the concept of paying it forward.

Colby impacts the photography scene as an industry leader. He enjoys teaching and mentoring the photographers around him. Also, he taught at the University of Tennessee Photography Certificate program for more than seven years. In addition, he leads many workshops and judges photo contests throughout Tennessee and neighboring states.

Holding numerous leadership positions helps an industry leader support the industry. Apart from teaching and mentoring, Colby has been in leadership positions on various boards throughout various industries. Some of these leadership positions have included being a Tennessee representative on the Council of the Professional Photographers of America, on the board of advisors for Pellissippi State Community College’s Photography Degree department, and on the boards of the American Marketing Association of Knoxville, the American Advertising Federation of Knoxville, the Tennessee Professional Photographer Association, and the Professional Photographer of East Tennessee, as well as others.

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Anna Seiple from Healing Hearts Marriage Counseling understands the challenges that couples face. Her goal is to have them live a happy life. The reason she wanted a professional portrait made was to connect with her existing and potential clients. Anna was surprised by how engaging the counselor portrait Colby made turned out.

Great photography experience with Colby. Everything was top-notch, expert, and enjoyable. Colby does a great job setting you up for the best picture possible with his expertise while he ensures you feel comfortable to capture your true self. The way he edits the photo right after he takes it is very helpful, using his skills and preferences to collaborate with clients. I highly recommend him!— Anna Seiple

Our team tries to channel the energy of a photoshoot into the final images. That is how we were able to satisfy Anna’s needs for the shoot. She was asking for an authentic touch in her counselor portrait. She wanted to express compassion and empathy.

Anna consults with couples seeking help. She helps couples to communicate better so that they can live a happy life together. She offers premarital, marriage, divorce, and individual counseling.

Contact Anna Seiple to find out more about her practice’s couples’ counseling services. They have proven experience in helping couples to understand each other better.

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Knoxville Top Photographer

Top photographers don’t win awards year after year unless they produce consistent quality. However, award-winning photography can have different meanings. Some people win competitions with images that they took during a class or workshop, where models, makeup artists, set creators, and clothing stylists carry a lot of the load. Others have that once in a lifetime shot. The more a photographer wins, the harder it becomes for them to find award-winning images from the rest of their portfolio. After exhausting all the good images that they have taken in the past, a top photographer has to create new exceptional images to continue winning.

Not all competitions are the same. There are competitions for every level of skill–from beginner to professional. Some aim solely at giving those that submit something to use in their marketing. Some are smaller local competitions, while others are highly competitive international events.

Clients can rest assured that consistent award-winning photographers can routinely produce quality photography for them as well. Colby’s Photos & Videos has demonstrated year after year that they are one of the top photographers in Knoxville, TN. This is not because of the awards they have won but because of the imagery provided to their customers. This year Colby McLemore is super excited to have won for the first time the American Society of Photographers State Elite Award at the state’s professional photography trade organization, Tennessee Professional Photographers Association. This goes to the highest scoring image among the best of the best photographers of ASP. He was also named to the Top Ten Tennessee Photographers. Colby additionally won five first-place awards for various categories, including Commercial Architecture and Commerical Illustrative. He has won many of these awards in the past.

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Knoxville, TN Branding Portrait

Joseph Thomas, an IT expert with Brunswick Corporation, asked for a creative look for his business portrait to use online. So we started by asking him what “creative” meant to him as well as many other questions to determine exactly what would be most beneficial. While the black-and-white portrait is definitely more creative, it is overly so for someone in IT. The color portrait has strength and confidence and a modern, up-to-date look. Exactly what is needed for someone in the tech industry.

“Colby is excellent at his craft and provided a top-notch business photo experience. He took his time to ask questions in order to understand my needs. I’m impressed with his photography ability, especially his expertise in lighting and photo editing. I highly recommend him!”Joseph Thomas

People have varying ideas about portrait use. While some believe that it reflects only what the person looks like, others have a different mindset. They feel that it should flatter the person as well. While these concepts are not wrong, they are only the beginning of what to consider for a business portrait.

A business portrait should highlight the parts of your personality that will be of value to your prospective customer–easy to get along with, no non-sense, strong, approachable, competent, collaborative, to name a few. The message the branding portrait conveys is the real essence of a business portrait. This idea helped us draft the necessary questions that we asked Joseph to understand what his clients want from him, and therefore what his branding portrait should look like.

After uncovering his specific needs, we then swung into action. With our experience, the rest was easy. We selected the background, posing, camera angle, and lighting based on his required portrait use. In the end, his branding portrait portrayed exactly what his customers want from him. This is what we strive for every time.

Joseph Thomas is an IT expert at Brunswick Corporation, a leader in using innovation to reshape the recreational marine industry. You can reach out to him through social media, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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