My services as a Knoxville commercial photographer last fall led me to an exciting project.  We are just now showing them as I believe that advertising photography should not be displayed by the photographer until the client has used it. We do not want to distract from the initial impact of our client’s investment.

We had the pleasure of doing some advertising photography for a vintage and modern Corvette parts national catalog.  The theme we were asked to explore was “Boys with their Toys.”  Local Knoxvillians were polled for creative ideas that would convey this concept.  We settled on having three Corvettes of various ages with an airplane added for good measure because what isn’t more exciting than fast cars and airplanes? Since the catalog emphasizes vintage cars, we decided we needed a vintage aircraft in there as well.  However, orchestrating such a shoot isn’t quite as easy as you may think.  We had to pull some strings as well as juggle a lot of moving parts.  Fortunately, we are a company that is able to address the complexities involved in a commercial project like this.

The first step was to coordinate with our local airport to gain access to a location for the shoot.  Apparently, talking about Corvettes can bring up some fears because the runway is not an appropriate place to drag race.  The Airport Authority wanted to make sure that the project was legitimate and that I was a legitimate commercial photographer, so we had to have a few meetings and provide some explanations. Our next step was to acquire the vintage aircraft. Due to an editorial piece I had done year before, I thought to contact Remote Area Medical RAM, whose headquarters arein Knoxville.  They have an old Douglas C-47 aircraft that had been built during WWII at the Island Home airport near downtown. This was a perfect fit for our advertising photography theme. They were amazing to work with and were generous enough to allow us to use their aircraft. We met the main mechanic who was amazingly helpful.

We acquired three Corvettes of varying vintages, including a more modern Corvette.  Then we coordinated with the airport, RAM’s main mechanic and their plane, the Corvette owners, the art director, the client, the photography assistants, and a cherry picker (to get elevated photos). We ensured that everyone knew how to get there, when to get there, what their roles where, what they needed to do to be prepared, and what they needed to bring, as well as what they were supposed to do when they got there.  This process really gave me a chance to exemplify the communication and management skills needed as a commercial photographer.

This type of preparation is essential when there is a large investment in the project so that everything goes as smoothly as it can. But as always seems to happen, we ended up dealing with an unpredictable twist–the changing weather the day of the shoot.  Storms were coming in, and we had to come away with exceptional images no matter what so everything had to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. Fortunately, we were well prepared. Although the weather was challenging, the benefit was that we got some beautiful shots with dramatic clouds. With the drastic changing cloud coverage, the lighting was also constantly changing, which kept me and the assistants on our toes. Thanks to our preparation, we were able to move quickly, set everything up, and get the money shot for the cover as well as loads of details shots for the back cover and interior of the catalog. The client saw the images we were creating as we were tethered and displaying them on our mobile monitors. As a result of good preparation and communication, we produced some amazing magazine-quality images in a quick and efficient manner and the client got a memorable product people are still talking about.

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Now that you have a portrait specially crafted to represent you and your unique brand, you want to get as much return from your investment as possible, so post it on all your social media.

When people view your social profile, they absorb your profile image before reading any of the text. They then judge you based on this first impression, which is why your photo was carefully taken using strategically chosen poses and/or body language, proper attire, lighting, and background, and then polished with professional Photoshop finesse. This photo was engineered to be the perfect balance between personality and brand representation. You want your potential clients to see that you are your best, which is exactly what Colby’s Photography creates for their clients.

So now what? Post it. Share it. Let the world see it.

The following social networks are many of the most popular currently used by business professionals. They are my personal recommendations for where to post your new business picture to help promote your brand and impress new potential customers and clients. Don’t forget to consider using your business portrait on your website, at the bottom of your e-mail signatures, your business cards, and brochures. If you are working directly with clients, it is especially important to make your portrait as much a part of your brand as your logo. Who knows? You might end up at another job.

Lastly, although it’s not required by any means, it would be very much appreciated if you mentioned Colby’s Photography when you post your portrait.



social media portrait - linkedinLinkedIn is a professional social media site used by business people to network, connect, do business, or find jobs. LinkedIn has more than 364 million members. Two new members join LinkedIn every second. There are an estimated 3 million business pages and the site is used in 200 countries. More than 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day. With these opportunities, wouldn’t you like your profile to be at its best? See below for links on how to update your profile picture or how to create a LinkedIn account.


social media portrait - facebookFacebook is much more for personal use than the other social media outlets. It is easier to make friends and build relationships with Facebook. This is a great place to market you and your business if you focus on what you love in your business and don’t overly sell. 89% of Internet users aged 18-29 and 73% of college graduates have a Facebook account. 71% of online adults use Facebook vs. 23% who use Twitter. Facebook has more daily teen users than other social networks. Out of the Facebook users that were polled, 47% say that Facebook more than any other social networking site impacts their purchases. It is not difficult to change your profile and cover photos on Facebook or to create a Facebook account. Check out the links below.


Social Media portrait - TwitterTwitter is used more widely by techs and younger age groups – under 50 and college educated. Out of all Internet users, 31% of those aged 18-29 use Twitter. 22% of men have a Twitter account, vs. 15% of women. If you want to better reach your clients, consider updating your profile picture and cover photo or create a Twitter account by following the links below.


social media portrait - google+While Google+ doesn’t get a lot of views and interaction as a social network, Google describes it more as a “social layer.” The upside of updating your Google+ account is that it connects you across a lot of other networks, including your Gmail account. Google+ is losing relevancy quickly, but since you have the images, you might as well get the most out of them.

These are just a few of the major players in social media but they are the bigger professional outlets. You can upload your portrait in any of the other social media platforms, such as Pintrest or Instagram, as well.

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commercial photographer with Daniel Monday

commercial photographer creates exceptional business portraits

“There are a number of words to describe Colby, but just a few would be thorough, detail-oriented, professional, and passionate. He’s a true craftsman when it comes to photography and ensures a fantastic experience from start to finish–and beyond! I recently had a portrait done at his studio, and he made the entire process painless and enjoyable, even from the beginning as he helped set expectations for the day of the shoot. His focus on quality and customer satisfaction is refreshing in a time when I find those two things are much more rare than they used to be. I was pleased with the experience, the final product, and the communication–he hit the trifecta from downtown (literally)!”

Daniel is totally amazing and his love of people really shines through this photo. Whether he’s marketing for Slamdot, serving as an ambassador to the Knoxville or West Knoxville Chambers of Commerce , or doing due diligence as the President of the Knoxville American Marketing Association (one of the largest marketing trade organizations in Knoxville), Daniel gives more back to the community than just about any other businessperson I know. He’s a fantastic networker. Slamdot web design and hosting is lucky to have him, and I’m very honored to work with him. And if you’re looking for a local web host or need a designer for your site, you should definitely look into their work.

Ready to schedule your own business headshots or staff photos? Interested in our commercial photographyContact us at Colby’s Photography. Feel free to peruse our website for more examples of what we do, learn more about us, or read comments from many other satisfied clients. We offer the finest photography for all types of businesses, from small owner-owned and operated to national, multi-location franchises. Whether you’re looking for headshots like the one above or any advertising photography involving people, you need the top Knoxville commercial photographer to take care of your marketing needs. We’re here for you. Let us know if you have any questions!


Professional Photographers Winning Image


The Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN) had their annual awards banquet this past month.  It commenced at the prestigious Club Leconte in downtown Knoxville.  PPETN is East Tennessee’s official trade association of professional photographers.  They are also the local affiliate for the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). PPETN helps to promote professionalism and they also encourage professional photographers in their craft, increasing the quality of their imagery.

The awards ceremony acknowledges winners from PPETN’s Annual Image Salon. Professional photographers from around the region bring their best portfolio images to compete with other professionals in their area. Colby has been honored as an award winner.  The above won 1st place in the Commercial Architectural category.  This category really showcases sharp lines, edges, and angles that define a building structure.  It can be a challenging category.  The below image won best in show over all in the Commercial category, Colby’s photography forte.

Not only has Colby excelled at the annual salon but he has previously been on the board for the PPETN, serving all the various board positions including chairman and president.  When Colby first joined, the organization’s membership was declining and interest was waning.  But with the help of him and a few others they were able to change the organization’s direction.  They grew it into the thriving entity that it is today.  Colby has been very active not only in the local trade organizations but also in the state and even the national level. He has moved onto being on the board of the state professional photographer’s trade organization – Tennessee Professional Photographers Association–TPPA.  They are the state’s professional photographers trade organization.  Through them, professionals from around the state come together to share ideas and trends within their area. These trends tend to spread around the state and this organization appeals to some of the best photographers throughout Tennessee.  Colby is also proud to be on the council for the national trade organization for professional photographer’s, PPA.  They are the world’s largest non-profit photography association organized for professional photographers.    The new board members are moving the organization even further.  These credentials really contribute to Colby’s ability to deliver top-notch award winning photos to his clients.  There are exciting horizons ahead.

If you are interested in having Colby do your architecture photography or commercial photography, feel free to contact him. You can also learn more about him and his team or read his customer’s testimonials.




Colby’s Photography is pleased to assist Knoxville’s premier jeweler, Kimball’s Jewelers, with the unveiling of their newest addition. As a Knoxville architecture photographer, I’m really thrilled to do these kinds of projects. I find store’s vision for their new space beautifully inspiring. As a long-time citizen of Knoxville, I’m proud of the way this respected retail establishment continues to evolve and grow. Designed to offer customers a beautiful environment in which to shop for exceptional jewelry, and more recently the world’s most sought after luxury Rolex watches, this new section of the store offers a setting worthy of their extensive and gorgeous Rolex inventory.

Knoxville Architecture Photography; An art

The expert marketing team at Kimball’s Jewelers wanted to give their most valued customers a first-hand look at their new space. Architecture photography is truly an art, and creating images that offer an accurate portrayal of a space while highlighting its warm and inviting aspects is one of the most satisfying aspects of this type of work. The photography session went beautifully, and our realistic and complimentary images offer a striking representation of this elaborate new area of the store. The imagery is being used for their marketing and initially for their promotional magazine going to the past clients who know what quality means.

Kimball’s Jewelers; Knoxville’s premier jeweler

Danny Overbey is the owner of Kimball’s Jewelers, and I’m honored to be able to help him showcase this beautiful addition to his store. Danny is an amazing person who knows how to treat people. I am a firm believer in using local businesses to help the local economy. He a person who is a pleasure to do business with.  I highly recommend Kimball’s to anyone who is looking for a local jeweler that offers exceptional customer service in a hometown environment.

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