I had so much fun working with Colby. He gave me valuable advice to help me take my photography to the next level and streamline my workflow. The things he covered will definitely give me a competitive edge. He offered not only technical advice, but also sales and business tips which led to an increase in bookings within a week of our meeting. I can’t wait to attend future workshops!

Kimberly and I did a senior (high school) session. We went all around downtown Knoxville and discussed not only finding scenes and techniques but the business side of the photography business as well. The business side is where many upcoming professionals have the hardest time.

I obviously do tutoring and mentoring, if you’d like something in-depth and specialized just for you and your needs, feel free to contact me.  If you’d like to keep up with what is happening with me and my next workshop or presentation, sign up for my newsletter. If you’d like to see what is on the calendar at this moment, click here.

Knoxville event custom backdropTonight’s the night. Your event looks amazing and everything is in place. Your custom event backdrop, dotted with the logos of event contributors, looks like something off of the red carpet. As guests begin to arrive, you start to notice a problem. Your custom backdrop is too small! Heads and limbs are poking out from the backdrop in every portrait. Suddenly, choosing the cheapest size backdrop no longer seems like the best idea.

Choose the Right Size for Your Custom Backdrop

Make sure before you purchase any background to take into account the venue and where it will be placed. Larger is much better if you are photographing larger groups but worse if it won’t fit into the space. Not every vendor will have these exact sizes but this will give you a general idea.

10×20 – Comfortably fits 4-5 people. This size is the most popular size among photographers. It is also possible to fit more than 5 subjects in the photo if they are comfortable being grouped very tightly. This size is also less limiting and can allow for more creativity when posing.

10×10 or 10×12 – Appropriate for smalls groups of 2-3 subjects. These are both popular sizes and do not offer much difference in use. Keep in mind that this size is still quite limiting, and will not allow the photographer much creativity when posing.

8×8 or 6×9 – Singles or very tight couples. This size is great for headshots and tighter single-person full body shots. This size is not recommended for photos featuring more than one subject.

These are guidelines when picking the size of your custom event backdrop. Obviously smaller sized backdrops will work for larger groups if you don’t mind that people are sticking out of the backdrop. However, this creates a less appealing representation of the event that you’ve worked so hard to make a great impression. Yes, retouching is possible. But wouldn’t you rather invest less in a better backdrop than more in retouching?

If you do choose a smaller sized event backdrop, remember to keep in mind what is around the sides of the backdrop. For example, a plain wall would be appropriate and a door with an exit sign would be quite distracting.

Save Money by Not Purchasing a Stand

Many event planners purchase stands to hold up their customer backdrops but photographers already have high quality, sturdier, and safer background stands than you typically will spend money one. Save that money and put it into a larger background.

Knoxville studio portrait


“I want to take this opportunity to formally say thank you for the images you provided. My studio portrait came out even better than I expected. I truly enjoyed my experience at your studio, as well as your extra effort in making those you photograph feel comfortable throughout the process. The level of professionalism and expertise that you bring into your industry is unparalleled. I will have no hesitation recommending you to my friends, family, and colleagues down the road.” – Jackson Tidwell