Please Vote for Me in Cityview’s Best

  1. Request a ballot by going to
    1. The page will ask you to type in:
      1. Your email address
      2. Your name
      3. Your zip code
      4. Click the Official Rules link above “Request a ballot” to read the rules, and then mark Y (indicating that you have read the rules).
  2. Cityview will e-mail you your login information, including:a link to direct you to where to vote.
    1. your login code
    2. Click on the “click here” link to log in, and then type in your code.
  3. To vote:
    1. Click on one of the seven main categories.
    2. Click on any of the several subcategories that will show up.
    3. Vote either for one of the current nominees or use the blank space underneath the nominees to type in a new nominee.
    4. Keep voting until you vote for 50 categories—no votes count until you’ve voted for at least 50. You will see a notification at the top of the page when you’ve reached 50.
  4. I’m under PEOPLE
    1. category – Photographer – commercial
    2. category – Photographer – portrait
    3. category – Photographer – weddings.
  5. Spread the word!  Have as many people vote as possible.